viernes, 4 de diciembre de 2015


Hello my dear friends! Today I have to write my last post and I have to talk about this experience.
I really like to have a blog, because I think that is a great form to show a part of me, and at the same time, Is a great form to know a little better about my classmates and teacher. Also this blog makes me practice to write in English, and learn vocabulary.
I love this experience because I like so much write, and in the future I would like to write something different, more related to Journalism showing the stories of other persons, not about me, and being read and commented for people.
English is hard, very hard for me, but I like to practice and do something difficult for me and do the best. I think that I make it with the name of my blog, ‘’Puzzle Pieces’’, because I wrote and show about different parts of my life, and it can be similar to constructing a puzzle.
I probably close this page at the end of semester, but I don’t want to forget this, because it was a great opportunity for me, and I hope to all my classmates to do something different, use a different platform, and no the typical, like Facebook or Twitter.

So this is a goodbye and thanks <3

Benita and the next pet

Today i want to talk about my pet.
I love cats but we have a sad storie. Mi cat dissapear the last year, her name was Benita, a beautiful and lovely cat.
The last year i came to live to Santiago, so i have to leave my cat with my Grandma. In that moment i felt sad, but i couldnt do anything.
Now i miss her, but i feel better. The time cures all the pain.
In my house in Ralún, near from Puerto Varas I have other animals, like sheeps, cows, one horse and chickens. I know that this animals are not pets, and don’t have names, because sadly, they can’t be with us forever.  

In Santiago I don’t have a pet, but I want to. When I visit my friends, and they have cats, my love for them grows, so one day I want to take care, protect and give love to one little cat. 

viernes, 27 de noviembre de 2015


Hello my dear friends!
The summer its comming, so it’s time to think about the place where we want to go…Ok be realistic, probably we don’t have so much money for plane a good trip far from home, but dream is free, soooo
I want to go to Perú someday. This country catches my attencion because it’s near from Chile, but at the same time it’s so different. The place I most want to go in Peru is obviously Machu Pichu in the south of this country.
My stepmother is from Perú, and she came to live to Chile the last year. She always complaine about the fruits and vegetables, because she say that in Perú you can go to the market in every hour and all is so fresh, tasty and cheap. She loves her country and she says that the culture its most important than Chile, her parents speak in quechua, an indian language.
I want to know the country of a person that now its part of my family, and I know that she wants to show us who she really is, and the place where she comes.
I thought to go this year, but I don´t have time enough to know and travel for all the places that I want, so, I have to wait for another time. 


viernes, 20 de noviembre de 2015


Hello my friends. Today i want to talk about the Frontera festival.
Frontera is a music festival in Chile and the real and long name is Latin Amenican festival of Music and Art.
This festival born in Chile, and it celebrates since 2013. This is the third year in my country, and I have never gone. I hope that this year I can make the money, because isnt't  expensive. Also, come great bands like Miranda!, Pxndx, Natiruts, and Chilean bands and solists, like Ases Falsos, Javiera Mena, Ana Tijoux, Lucybell, Protistas, and more.
For me, the best band this year is Miranda! Yes, I know, they come to Chile twice a year, but always something happens and I can’t go. Sad story, because it’s one of my favorite bands. I heard Miranda for fist time when I was eight years old, and my mom bought me this CD on the streets, illegally.
The cd was Sin Restricciones, the second album of Miranda, and I love it. I didn’t understand the letter of the songs, because all talks about love, and in this time I was a little girl, so I just dance all the day with their songs. Now I understand the letters and I love it more.
SOOOO, if you want to make my dream come true, just give me money! (it’s a joke) 

viernes, 13 de noviembre de 2015

Leila Guerriero and journalism

Hello friends.
As you now i study Journalism, and i love my career.
One of my referents on this field is Leila Guerriero, a journalist and writter from Argentina.
One day mi teacher of Report, give us a homework: read ‘’The trace on the bones’’, of Guerriero and I love this report. The theme was about a group of professionals  that work finding names and bodys from people arrested in the military regime in Argentina. She wrote about the story of this people, how they meat and started to work together.
She also was the editor of a book about damned poets in South América, called ‘’The Damned’’.
I like this journalist because I feel the investigation in her words. She is also a good narrator, she make me feel identified with the stories that she wrote, and I think that this its important.As a journalist I want to make this, that  people who read my reports belive in me, belive the stories that I want to write, and feel something.

viernes, 30 de octubre de 2015

La Junta, a beautiful place in the mountains

Hello friends. Today i want to talk about a photography that i love, becouse it was taken in a happy trip. 
La Junta it' s a recondit place in the mountains, in Los Lagos region.
The last summer i invited my friends to my house in the south of the country, and we wanted to go to a pleace for camping. La Junta was the choosen location. 
After four hours of trekking we finally found the place, a free camping in the middle of nowhere.
This trip was perfect for me and my friends, becouse we was tired of the city, the polution and the noise. This trip was a rest for us. 
This pic was taken in the natural slides, the biggest atractive of the mountains. The water was soooo cold, but also healthy for the body, and with time was easy to get use to. 
I want to go to La Junta again this summer, becouse this place really heals me. 

viernes, 16 de octubre de 2015


Today i want to talk about my favorite movie.
I saw Submarine when i was in school, in this time i had 16 years old, a teenager, 
One day i saw de videoclip of a chilean band that called my attencion. In the comments someone wrote that the images of the video was from a movie called Submarine. In this moment i google this name and inmediatly appeared the link of the movie. 
I fell in love. The movie its about Oliver Tate, a normal teeneger with so much in the head, he fall in love, he has problems with his parents, he has bad classmates, he has all the problems that we had at this age, but at the same time all this problems seems different becouse the narration of the story and events are special.
I have spoken about this movie with a lot of friends, and all of them have different opinions, I think that this movie was so important for me because i felt identified with the story, with the characters, and with the feeling that they express, typical of this age.